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United States Football League







1983 Washington Federals Player Issued Home Jersey #86 Charles Chisley WR (Did Chisley play in 1983? Only found him in 1984)


1983 Philadelphia Stars Team Program (signed by #20 Mark McCants DB & #83 Rodney Parker WR)


1983 Philadelphia Stars Game Program vs NJ Generals
Stars vs Generals ticket (March 13, 1983)
1983 LA Express Co-Owner Lee Majors 8x10


1983 Denver Gold 16mm 1st Half Defensive Game Reel (May 22) vs LA Express



1984 Washington Federals Player Issued Away Jersey #58 Mike Corvino LB


1984 Pittsburgh Maulers T-Shirt
1984 Sporting News USFL Guide
Stars vs Bulls ticket (May 19, 1984)

1984 USFL Jet Save Challenge Cup (July 21) Tampa Bay Bandits vs Philadelphia Stars Exhibition Game

Wembley Stadium, London, England 


1984 USFL Championship Game Hat purchased at the stadium before the game! (Thanks Carl)



1985 Houston Gamblers Replica Helmet (signed by Jim Kelly)
1985 New Jersey Generals Replica Helmet (signed by Doug Flutie)

1985 Orlando Renegades ticket order form
Arizona vs Orlando Game Program (1985)
1985 USFL Stats
1985 NJ Generals tickets
Bandits Ticket (March 26, 1984 vs Stallions)
Renegades Ticket (Feb 15, 1985 vs Generals)

the return of the USFL . . . 2012 Bag with Tags


USFL Games I have on DVD


NJ Generals at LA Express 3-6-83 (week 1)

Philadelphia Stars at Denver Gold 3-6-83 (week 1)

Chicago Blitz at Washington Federals 3-6-83 (week 1)

Chicago Blitz at Arizona Rattlers 3-12-83 (week 2)

Oakland Invaders at Michigan Panthers 3-19-83 (week 3)

Denver Gold at Chicago Blitz 3-20-83 (week 3)

Tampa Bay Bandits at Denver Gold 4-9-83 (week 6)

Oakland Invaders at Boston Breakers 4-10-83 (week 6)

NJ Generals at Chicago Blitz 4-25-83 (week 8)

Michigan Panthers at Boston Breakers 5-1-83 (week 9)

Boston Breakers at LA Express 5-7-83 (week 10)

NJ Generals at Michigan Panthers 5-16-83 (week 11)

Birmingham Stallions at Michigan Panthers 5-23-83 (week 12)

Philadelphia Stars at Boston Breakers 5-29-83 (week 13)

Boston Breakers at Oakland Invaders 6-25-83 (week 17)

Michigan Panthers at Chicago Blitz 6-26-83 (week 17)

Chicago Blitz at Philadelphia Stars 7-9-83 (playoffs)

Oakland Invaders at Michigan Panthers 7-10-83 (playoffs)

Michigan Panthers at Philadelphia Stars 7-17-83 (Championship Game)



NJ Generals at Birmingham Stallions 3-26-84 (week 1)

Chicago Blitz at Michigan Panthers 3-27-84 (week 1)

Pittsburgh Maulers at Michigan Panthers 3-3-84 (week 2)

NJ Generals at Jacksonville Bulls 3-4-84 (week 2)

Jacksonville Bulls at Tampa Bay Bandits 3-10-84 (week 3)

Philadelphia Stars at NJ Generals 3-11-84 (week 3)

NJ Generals at Houston Gamblers 3-18-84 (week 4)

Philadelphia Stars at Pittsburgh Maulers 3-24-84 (week 5)

Oakland Invaders at San Antonio Gunslingers 3-24-84 (week 5)

Chicago Blitz at New Orleans Breakers 3-25-84 (week 5)

Birmingham Stallions at Tampa Bay Bandits 3-26-84 (week 5)

Michigan Panthers at Houston Gamblers 3-26-84 (week 5)

Jacksonville Bulls at Memphis Showboats 3-31-84 (week 6)

Tampa Bay Bandits at Philadelphia Stars 4-1-84 (week 6)

New Orleans Breakers at Birmingham Stallions 4-2-84 (week 6)

Philadelphia Stars at Arizona Wranglers 4-8-84 (week 7)

LA Express at Denver Gold 4-9-84 (week 7)

Memphis Showboats at LA Express 4-14-84 (week 8)

Birmingham Stallions at Michigan Panthers 4-15-84 (week 8)

Arizona Wranglers at NJ Generals 4-15-84 (week 8)

Arizona Wranglers at Houston Gamblers 4-21-84 (week 9)

Philadelphia Stars at San Antonio Gunslingers 4-22-84 (week 9)

Washington Federals at Tampa Bay Bandits 4-28-84 (week 10)

Michigan Panthers at NJ Generals 4-29-84 (week 10)

LA Express at Houston Gamblers 4-30-84 (week 10)

Houston Gamblers at Michigan Panthers 5-6-84 (week 11)

Houston Gamblers at Pittsburgh Maulers 5-12-84 (week 12)

Pittsburgh Maulers at NJ Generals 5-21-84 (week 13)

Philadelphia Stars at Michigan Panthers 5-27-84 (week 14)

Michigan Panthers at LA Express 6-30-84 (Western Conference Divisional Playoffs)

NJ Generals at Philadelphia Stars 6-30-84 (Eastern Conference Divisional Playoffs)

Tampa Bay Bandits at Birmingham Stallions 7-1-84 (Eastern Conference Divisional Playoffs)

Arizona Wranglers at Houston Gamblers 7-1-84 (Western Conference Divisional Playoffs)

LA Express at Arizona Wranglers 7-7-84 (Western Conference Championship)

Birmingham Stallions at Philadelphia Stars 7-8-84 (Eastern Conference Championship)

Arizona Wranglers at Philadelphia Stars 7-15-84 (Championship Game)

Tampa Bay Bandits at Philadelphia Stars 7-21-84 (Postseason exhibition Game at Wembley Stadium)


Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions (preseason)

Houston Gamblers at Los Angeles Express (week 1) raw footage - no sound

New Jersey Generals at Birmingham Stallions (week 1) Flutie debut

Houston Gamblers at Tampa Bay Bandits (week 2)

Baltimore Stars at Memphis Showboats (week 3)

Los Angeles Express at New Jersey Generals (week 3)

New Jersey Generals at Baltimore Stars (week 4)

Orlando Renegades at Jaxsonville Bulls (week 5)

Baltimore Stars at Houston Gamblers (week 6)

New Jersey Generals at Houston Gamblers (week 7)

Jaxsonville Bulls at Tampa Bay Bandits (week 7)

Jaxsonville Bulls at Tampa Bay Bandits (week 7) ESPN Classic

Denver Gold at Tampa Bay Bandits (week 8)

New Jersey Generals at Memphis Showboats (week 9)

Memphis Showboats at Denver Gold (week 10)

Arizona Wranglers at Oakland Invaders (week 10)

Houston Gamblers at Portland Breakers (week 11)

Houston Gamblers at Memphis Showboats (week 12)

Los Angeles Express at Oakland Invaders (week 12)

Baltimore Stallions at Orlando Renegades (week 13)

Birmingham Stallions at Houston Gamblers (week 15) ESPN Classic

Houston Gamblers at Denver Gold (week 16)

Jaxsonville Bulls at New Jersey Generals (week 16)

San Antonio Gunslingers at Houston Gamblers (week 17)

Oakland Invaders at Houston Gamblers (week 18)

Los Angeles at Orlando Renegades (week 18)

Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions (week 19) Playoffs

Tampa Bay Bandits at Oakland Invaders (week 19) Playoffs

Baltimore Stars at Birmingham Stallions (week 20) Playoffs

Oakland Invaders at Memphis Showboats (week 20) Playoffs

Baltimore Stars vs Oakland Invaders (Championship Game)

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